Public Spaces

Casa da Cerca, Almada, PT . 2015>2016

Public Spaces
Casa da Cerca, Almada, PT . 17/10/2015  31/01/2016

The Architect is a non specialist, is a builder and a producer of solutions to the problems presented to him.
Reuse is to use more than once, to use again for the same propose or a new one.
Reuse requires the reading of what time left behind, something that has to be done each time in shorter time intervals, to recognize a structure and reinvent a way to inhabit it, reveal its qualities, understand its purpose and decide how to transform.

Inês Lobo 2011

The model always leads the representation. The final drawings are the representation of what is already defined.
A school is as universal as a home. Is its extension, specially wen we speak of a primary school. Is the passage from the parents home to the home in the world.
Inês Lobo 2009

Photographer: Leonardo Finotti

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