House in Quelhas Street


The project is the renovation of an ancient building in Lisbon’s old neighborhood of Lapa and its conversion to a singular household.

Built in the XVIII/XIXth century, the building was in a poor condition apart form its main facade, the most significant part of its relationship with the urban context. On the opposite side, the building’s priviledged position allows a panoramic view over the Alcântara valley.

The project proposes the demolition of all of the buildings kernel and rear facade, deeply modified during the XXth century, and the construction of a new core. Adored to the sidewalls, a white concrete structure emerges form the main facade’s metrics, establishing new structural, functional and compositional schemes. The internal organization is determined by the two lateral concrete blocks, containing circulations and service areas, and the big central space were all the other spaces are placed. The relation with the near or far surroundings and the light, determines the distribution of the programme through each of the five floors and the design of their spaces.


Inês Lobo and Paulo Mendes da Rocha with João Rosário, Julia Varela, João Vaz, Job Morais e Sónia Ribeiro

Structures and Installations:  AFA Engenheiros Consultores

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Lisbon, PT . 2010 - 2017