Ordem São João de Deus Museum and Residences


1937 . 1950

The Ricardo Pampuri building, which is part of the Casa de Saúde do Telhal, in Sintra, is made up of three distinct construction phases, the first being the north wing, followed by the construction of the church on the east wing. Finally, the south and west wing, forming a 45-metre quadrangle, with interior central cloisters, 17 metres in length on each side.

The immediate surroundings of the building is made up of, to the north an access road; to the east a garden with a wooded to be preserved; to the south, a yard bound by an ensemble of building (old vivariums); and to the west, by the main church.

Original programme

The Apostolic church of the Order of S. João de Deus.

2003 . 2009

New programme

Order of S. João de Deus Museum and brothers accommodation.


The annexes that were not part of the original construction were removed, the dividing walls were removed to obtain a a set of large naves that are connected to each other, the upper floor of the cloisters is removed.


A wooden veranda is added to the north side of the cloisters, 14 cells, a chapel, the white that covers the entire building, the wood with which the whole exhibition system and furniture is made which configures the new spaces within the new naves.   


Building this museum and residence implies the [re]utilization of a place that today is not prepared for that use, time has removed that clarity. [re]utilizing mainly implies subtracting to find a clear structure that easily houses these new uses.


Inês Lobo with João Rosário, Gilberto Reis, João Vaz, Pedro Carta, Pedro Oliveira, Rita Zina, Sérgio Pereira, Júlia Varela, Rafael Marques e Sónia Ribeiro

Structures: AFA Engenheiros Consultores;; Pedro Morujão, Rodrigo Castro

Hydraulic Installations: AFA Engenheiros Consultores; Paulo Silva

Electrical Installations,Telecommunication and Security:: GPIC Projectos Consultoria e Instalações; Fernando Aires, Alexandre Martins

Heating, Ventilation, Building Physics, Thermic and Acoustics: NaturalWorks; Guilherme Carrilho da Graça

Landscape Architecture: Global Arquitectura Paisagista Lda, João Gomes da Silva

Construction Company: Construções Divireis; Vicente Reis, Lisete Frazão, Filipe Neves

Photographer:: Leonardo Finotti

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Sintra, PT . 2003-2009