Garage Films

Lisbon, PT . 2005-2006

“Garage Films” Headquarters
Lisbon, PT . 2005-2006

The headquarters of Garage Film’s are located inside an old quarter of Belém, in Lisbon, away from the street, on two of the remaining warehouses of an ancient factory, now temporally converted to a parking lot.

The renewal of the buildings tried to fit the operation of the company as an appropriation of an industrial space. The project’s approach was based on four ideas and actions:

The use of the space in extension. Transforming one of the buildings on a long working open-space. Enclosed, on one side by individual workrooms on a upper level; open to a yard, on the other, as result of the suppression of part of the adjacent building’s roof.

Preserve the interior reading of the exterior limits of the buildings, the scale of the industrial halls and their materials: the brick walls and columns and the wood trusses.
For that, we used a continuous concrete floor and covered the roof with silver faced acustic and termal isolation.

The upper level of the individual workrooms encloses all the required installations: air-conditioning, power and IT network. Feeding each room and worktables.

The closed nature of the buildings, around its yard, relates to the surroundings only thru its East facade, were the steel framing of windows of the workrooms try to relate its interior to the distant exterior, away from the unpleasant close surroundings.  

Inês Lobo with João Rosário, João Vaz, Pedro Oliveira, Gilberto Reis, Júlia Varela, Sérgio Pereira
Structures ADF Engenheiros Consultores; Pedro Morujão
Hydraulic Installations: BETAR Engenheiros Consultores; Marta Azevedo
Electrical Installations,Telecommunication and Security: Ruben Sobral
Heating, Ventilation, Building Physics, Thermic and Acoustics: NaturalWorks; Guilherme Carrilho da Graça
Landscape Architecture: Global Arquitectura Paisagista Lda, João Gomes da Silva
Construction Company: Alcoplano . Projectos e Construções Lda.

Photographer: Leonardo Finotti

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