Urban Study for the Colina de Santana 

Lisbon, PT . 2012

Urban Study for the Colina de Santana 
Lisbon, PT . 2012

The Colina de Santana (“Saint Anna Hill”) is located in central part of Lisbon. Where the future of six hospitals, soon to be moved to periphery of the city, forced the necessity to study its consequences.

The study aims to square the existing proposals to each of the hospitals and evaluate their impacts on the surrounding an distant city.
The analysis goes beyond the limits of each operation, towards a broad reading of this particular part of Lisbon, to set up a solid basis for its urban regeneration strategies. The study includes a exhaustive photographic survey of the whole area.

A study of the urban history of the hill preceded a historical-morphological reading, which identified it as an “urban peninsula” within the city, formed of urban units with different roles within it.

The Masterplan was set from this analysis, with three fundamental vectors: Heritage, Public and Private.

In a place with a large number of registered builds, one has to reflect on the models of registration and their scope, as well as the role of larger urban structures, like neighborhoods, conventual fences, or old infrastructures, like aqueducts.
A number of partial studies were done, pertaining non listed significant buildings and structures.

By them selfs, the hospital’s plots have the ability to profoundly transform the structure of public spaces. Regarding open spaces, accesses and also public equipments. Thus implying a reflection about the programs.
Extending the reflecting to the all the hill, allows a better framing of the issues and improves the response to these fundamental questions.

Several forms of inhabit coexist in this territory. That must be identified and optimized. So that even the new housing within the old hospital’s grounds is better but into context.

Inês Lobo with João Rosário, João Vaz, Júlia Varela, Rodrigo Lino Gaspar Cláudio Gonçalves e Sónia Ribeiro
Photography: Duarte Belo
Historians: José Sarmento de Matos e Jorge Ferreira Paulo
Sustainability and Energy Efficiency: Guilherme Carrilho da Graça Maria Malato Lerer
Financial Sustainability: Ana Monteiro

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